Life always has its way of forcing me to slow down. My hunger to live a big full life means I forget to breath sometimes. But life finds a way to remind me to breath, and to pause. And then to do nothing other than breath. This time it was a car accident. I had … Continue reading Pause


I cannot believe that it is almost the end of February already! How is that possible? Time is falling through my hands like sand, or salt water. Only yesterday we woke up to a new year. How did we get from there to here without me noticing? This makes me feel a little panicked. I … Continue reading 23.02.21

Standard New Year’s Eve Reflection Post.

Things I learnt in 2016 1. The patient is always right (even when they most definitely aren't) Example: This young fool who told me he has encephalitis, forcing me to do a lumbar puncture (LP) only to tell him what I already knew - that he has flu. But alas he was still convinced he … Continue reading Standard New Year’s Eve Reflection Post.