Internal Medicine. A science or an art?

Every speciality will claim that it is the best. Surgeons will tell you that they are the most skilled. Family physicians will say that they make the most holistic difference to people's lives. Obstetricians will argue that they are responsible for two lives in one. But there is something special about Internal Medicine. It is … Continue reading Internal Medicine. A science or an art?

There one minute, gone the next.

Things I wonder while waiting for the nurses to bring me the death notification book

The lessons that being a patient taught me about being a doctor

In January this year, I found myself staring at a CT scan with a group of people in white coats. This is a pretty normal thing for a doctor to be doing; except I was in Mexico and the CT scan was my own, and I was wearing a hospital gown instead of a white … Continue reading The lessons that being a patient taught me about being a doctor

Doctors, let’s be kind to each other.

Why are doctors so quick to criticize one another? What is it about the medical culture that enables us, not only to easily recognize but actively seek out one another's mistakes? When did we forget that we are all human? Why does it take a colleague losing their life over a mistake before we show … Continue reading Doctors, let’s be kind to each other.

The Roof of Africa

This isn't a really a medicine-related post. It's about my experience climbing Kilimanjaro, something I did when I was on leave. When I was supposed to be putting work aside. But you know how it goes, you can take the doctor out of Medicine but not the other way around. Everyday something reminded me of … Continue reading The Roof of Africa

Music to a doctor’s ears

Things the "on-call" doctor loves to hear: So I haven't posted something in a while because I've been on leave, and therefore lacking the relevant inspiration. But my first day back I was on call (on a Sunday, fantastic!). Thankfully the on-call gods were kind to me and I had a gentle start. I even … Continue reading Music to a doctor’s ears


Apparently all doctors reach a point in their careers where they question their life choices.  Apparently it happens to everyone, just at different times. Apparently it will probably happen more than once. I reached this point at 4am one morning, about a month ago, while attempting to reduce a paraphimosis (google it and thank me … Continue reading Jaded


Things that change when you become a doctor: On the eve of my last day of work before going on leave (yay!) I have been thinking about the way my life has changed in the last 6 months. A lot has changed, mostly for the better, others maybe not... These are just a few highlights: … Continue reading Change

My Five Favourite Presentations

In the EC you see such a vast array of presentations. They can range from trauma to headache, to miscarriages, to appendicitis to overdoses. Some are easier to manage than others, and depending on your interests, some are much more enjoyable to manage than others. When I pick up a folder with any of the … Continue reading My Five Favourite Presentations

How to annoy the EC Doctor:

I posted a Facebook status like this a while back and I thought why not elaborate a bit in the form of a blog post? So here it is: tips on how to annoy the doctor on night shift in casualty. 1. The best way to set the tone is to not know the answer … Continue reading How to annoy the EC Doctor: