I made a list of all the things I’ve done alone.  Just me. Sola. I travelled across the world for a job because I wanted to know what it was like to live on the ocean. The middle of the Atlantic is a liberatingly lonely place. I climbed the highest peak in Africa. I got … Continue reading Alone


Doctors spend their days labelling people. Depending on which speciality we work in, we all have slightly different ways of doing so. For example, my mom's physician would label her like this: 62 year old female #kidney donor 2018 with #mild renal impairment Or my sister's gynaecologist would label her this way: 29 year old … Continue reading Labels

Farewell, Brackengate!

Today was my last day at Brackengate Hospital; the tin-can COVID hospital where I have spent the past fifteen months; the Hospital of Hope. I was a part of the Brackengate team from day one. I watched the empty warehouse form into a colourful 300-bed hospital, with a rainbow "it will be ok" drawing above … Continue reading Farewell, Brackengate!

Isolation ramblings

The Rona got me. I evaded her for more than a year but eventually, she broke through my defences and stole my taste and smell. She also left me with this annoying cough that makes me sound like I have a 40 pack-year history even though I have never touched a cigarette in my life … Continue reading Isolation ramblings

There one minute, gone the next.

Things I wonder while waiting for the nurses to bring me the death notification book

Night shift

The rain is falling heavy on this metallic warehouse roof. It's 8pm. We have to raise our voices to be heard above the watery clamour. The rain is falling heavy on this metallic warehouse roof. This roof that keeps the rain out and the virus in. Its 11pm. The machines have to beep louder to … Continue reading Night shift

Writing challenge – Day 14 – Words

I have a thing for words; an obsession; an infatuation. A logolepsy. Give them to me in any shape or form. Song lyrics, poetry, spoken verse, seven-hundred page novels, simple one-line phrases. I love the spaces between words. The chance to pause and take it in. An escape; an abditory. I love how reading them … Continue reading Writing challenge – Day 14 – Words

Writing challenge – Day six – Joy

Is it just me,or does joy become more elusive as you get older?Like joy is the sunand it becomes eclipsed by clouds.Clouds that are worrySelf-doubtGuiltShameRates and taxesTraumatic experiencesCar maintenanceAn ill loved oneClimate changeA pandemicSo many cloudsmakes it hard to seethe sun.But the sun is always there;shining despite the clouds.Sliding in and out of blue-sky gaps,making … Continue reading Writing challenge – Day six – Joy

Writing challenge – Day three – A memory

It's difficult to recall a random memory, in all its glorious detail, on demand. But when I smell a certain scent or hear a particular song they come flooding back. An onslaught of immaculate detail. Years and years later. Even the memories I didn't know I had. Like when I hear Black Eyed Peas' "I … Continue reading Writing challenge – Day three – A memory

There is something in the air down here

DCIM\100GOPRO\GOPR9250.JPG There is something in the air down here; in the Garden Route. Take a drive with me along the N2 and you will see. It's alive. You can feel it in your bones. It's the kind of something that makes you want to roll down your windows, turn up your radio and breathe. One … Continue reading There is something in the air down here