Life always has its way of forcing me to slow down. My hunger to live a big full life means I forget to breath sometimes. But life finds a way to remind me to breath, and to pause. And then to do nothing other than breath.

This time it was a car accident.

I had big plans for my weekend, none of which involved breathing, or pausing, or doing nothing. None of which involved a car accident either.

But life, she had other plans.

I’m fine. No one was hurt. Except for my trusty adventure buddy; my Jimny. She indeed was hurt and had to be towed to car-hospital. There is no prognosis yet.

So alas, my weekend plans turned into me, car-less, forced to pause; to breath; to do nothing. To take it easy for once.

It’s been kind of nice. I sat on my balcony and stared at the mountain for a good amount of time. I read. I watered my plant babies. I made hummus. I stared at the mountain some more. I paused. I breathed.

And then I called a friend to lift me to a braai. And I took up another friends’ offer to borrow her car for today.

Because you know, there is a life to be lived out there.

And it’s calling my name.

****This post is part of the 2022 Nanopoblano November writing challenge. We commit to writing a blog post every day if it all possible and to supporting each other in our writing endeavors.

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