There is something in the air down here


There is something in the air down here; in the Garden Route.

Take a drive with me along the N2 and you will see. It’s alive. You can feel it in your bones. It’s the kind of something that makes you want to roll down your windows, turn up your radio

and breathe.

One glimpse of the Outeniquas with their opulent peaks and your worries feel distant. Ever-present, but somewhat out of reach.

There is something in the air down here

and it smells like living.

Take a walk with me in the fern-laden forests; pine needles underfoot and emerald canopies overhead. There’s a quiet that only the birds and rivulets dare disturb. Foliage as far as the eye can behold; so dense in areas that even the sunbeams do not penetrate. And when they do it’s honey.

Or take a dip with me in the Indian Ocean with its everchanging shades of blue. From azure to cobalt to aqua to turquoise; depending on her mood. There are beaches here that are yet to be tamed. Endless stretches of golden sand dunes; rip currents that will claim even the strongest swimmer. The waves here still belong to the dolphins and we, their guests.

There is something in the air down here

and it smells like wild.

Take a cycle with me around the dam. Sometimes you’ll find it still as a looking-glass, the mountains and clouds reflected in its surface. And sometimes you’ll find it dancing with the Berg wind. Single tracks that lead you to pepsi-coloured waterfalls emptying into pools of deep liquid amber; water as cold as ice but so inviting.

There is something in the air down here.

The kind of something that cannot be put into words.

The kind of something you have to feel.

Maybe its just me; because my roots run deep in this Southern Cape soil.

I learnt to walk on these unbroken beaches. I learnt to ride a bicycle in these enchanting forests. I learnt to swim in these pools of Cola.

Maybe its because I was made here.

These coordinates are inked on my skin.

So maybe it is just me (and every other person who has the Garden Route running through their blood.)

But there is very definitely something in the air down here

and it smells like Home.

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