Let go

Why do human beings have such difficulty letting go? Why do we cling to the last fragments of things (jobs, expectations, relationships etc) not realizing that all we are clinging to are lost dreams or broken promises. And in the meantime our hands are bleeding. We go around the rooms of our lives jamming doors open that would much rather be closed. We cling to the edge of the cliff, desperate, as if our lives depend on it, afraid that if we let go we will fall. But we haven’t even looked down yet. We haven’t realized that our feet are only a few inches off the ground. The fall is not so far. The landing is not so hard. There is solid ground below us. If we just unclasped our fists, took a deep breath and let go, we would find our hands free and open. You cannot accept something new with your hands clenched tightly around the old.

Let go.

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